A club as a connection to the farm, a direct communication and an exchange. We want to move closer together and we believe that the MeinKLUB is a good place for that. It’s not just a simple subscription, it’s more of a direct access and an experience.

Every three months we will share some of our wines with you and, moreover, wines from friends who inspire us. Wineries and farms with whom we share a similar mindset. Lively wines made by people who have become friends over the years.



  • 6 bottles of a colorful mixture of Meinklang wines and wines from one befriended winery
  • A seasonal package every three months
  • Wines selected by us and the respective winemaker
  • 100 € per shipment

MeinKLUB – Large

  • 12 bottles as a colorful mixture of Meinklang wines & wines from one befriended winery
  • A seasonal package every three months
  • Wines selected by us and the respective winemaker
  • 200€ per shipment


  • Always pure wines, 4 times a year
  • Discover unique wines from some of the most known natural wineries
  • Carefree to your home
  • Free shipping within the EU
  • Cancel anytime
  • Direct connection to the farm
  • We present the wines for each package on a recorded live session for you to experience the background of each wine
  • One free farm tour per year
  • Invitation to events at the farm
  • 10% discount in our online shop

Four times a Year | The Seasons

Spring – When everything blossoms, the earth breathes out and we are desperate for the energy and the warmth of the sun. A time for something new and that awakens the soul. This season you can expect delicate, light, and yet electrifying wines from us. Wines that remind you of the first spring flowers, blossoming meadows and accompany the first summer evenings.

Sommer – The warmth, the long nights and the full ecstasy in nature. A lively time with a lot of energy and awakening. Summer calls for wines that are elegant, free and cheerful. But also, not to be missed as something rustical and subtle for long summer evenings by the campfire.

Autumn – The red, the colored foliage and the sometimes-warm nights. The ground breathes in and the focus goes back to the deeper levels. A time to enjoy and to reflect. A time for more meditative wines, that also go deeper and let you unwind. Wines that enrich, make you curious and slow you down.

Winter  – The calm and tranquil phase of the year. Nature breathes in and life goes beyond the surface. Cold walks, happy evenings in close circles and extensive cooking. It calls for wines with substance and celebration, but also something that can be vivid.


MeinKLUB | four times a year

100€ per shipment


MeinKLUB Large | four times a year

200€ per shipment