These are tartrate crystals which form from the wine’s acid and settle in the bottom of the bottle. They can be small individual crystals or larger clusters. Tartrate crystals are a sign of natural maturation, since the grape juice is not stabilised chemically with metatartaric acid or physically by being cooled down to a very low temperature. That is why we actually consider these completely harmless tartrate crystals a sign of quality.

Absolutely! Insofar as possible, we make our wines without using additives and we also completely avoid fining agents derived from animal products such as egg white, fish bladder or gelatine. Firstly, that is because we value the wine’s natural character and believe that animal products have no place in wine. Secondly, these substances often stem from the waste of intensive animal farming, which we do not wish to support at all.

This is because we leave our white wines to macerate on the skins during fermentation, i.e. the wine is fermented together with the grape skins, just like a red wine would be. This is the most traditional method of white wine making, which helps the wine to remain stable without additives. Since we also add very little sulphur, if any at all, the wine takes on a slightly deeper colour. These traditional and natural wines offer a completely new spectrum of aromas and therefore make wonderfully complex food wines.

Cows are the symbol of soil fertility. Our farm’s own cow manure is one of the crucial factors for our self-sufficient circular economy, and it is a central element of biodynamic Demeter farming. For this reason, we have a herd of 800 cows which also strongly influence the rhythm of our farm activities. It seemed only logical to proudly feature a cow as the central element on our labels.

Demeter is the only recognized certification for biodynamic farming, the highest and most comprehensive form of organic farming. Since Rudolf Steiner’s ideas laid the cornerstone of all organic certification over 90 years ago, Demeter is the oldest and only worldwide and future-orientated way of farming. Demeter makes it possible to restore soil fertility.