Meinklang. Demeter-Farm

Meinklang is an original, family-run mixed farm, set in the middle of the World Heritage Site of the National Park Neusiedlersee, on the Eastern side of the Neusiedlersee Lake, bordering directly on the Hungarian lowlands, where life’s diversity and complexity are celebrated.

This farm functions much like an organism, relying not only on the people but also on the local herd of cows which contributes in an essential way with their natural and invaluable fertiliser.

The farm’s diversity is enriched by ancient grains such as spelt, farro and Einkorn wheat, as well as the fruit orchards and vegetable gardens, meadows of wild herbs and flowers and the elegant charm of the grapevines.

News on the Farm

Events and Tasting Calendar

RAW Montreal Oktober 26-27
RAW Toronto Oktober 29
Peripheral Hudson Oktober 30
RAW NYC Oktober 31 – November 01
RAW LA November 07-08

A new grain storage

For us, this is a milestone and further development in quality, independence and a holistic way of farming.

After a long development, we decided to build a new grain warehouse.
A way to store our original cereals such as Emmer, Einkorn, Kammut and Spelled even better and to be able to husk. As a result, we continue to close the farm’s own organism, the husking takes place directly at our farm and we can use the husked grain directly. The glume is then used as feed for our herd of cattle.

We can also separate and dry our Demeter grain in a more quality-oriented manner and ensure that more individual types of grain are grown and will be available in the future.

We change to new corks

Over the past few years we have repeatedly tried, tested and evaluated what is the ideal and most sustainable cork for us.
We want to take a future-oriented path here, a cork that ensures high quality on the one hand, is safe for our wines, but is also environmentally friendly and has a low Co2 value.

We opted for the new Neutrocork Premium from Korken Schiesser, a high-quality TCA-free conglomerate cork which is not coated with silicone as usual but is obtained from nature like beeswax.
All of our wines that are not closed with crown corks or screw caps will be closed with this environmentally friendly but also safe cork in the future