Oct / 15 Vinaturel Tasting, Düsseldorf
Oct / 16 Vinaturel Tasting, Frankfurt
Oct / 18 Winemakers @ Carters of Mosley
Oct / 28-30 Raspipav, Montreal
Nov / 05&06 RAW Wine Fair, New York City
Nov / 12&13 RAW Wine Fair, Los Angeles

Our new look

We gave our bottles a new look a while ago. The cow remains the focus point of our labels because we see it as the symbol of soil fertility and humus formation. Since cows are among the oldest domesticated working animals, we see them as the creatures which bridge the gap between humans and the animal kingdom. Also, we do have 800 of them!

Cows provide sufficient manure and natural fertiliser on our farm, which makes it possible for us to create fertile soils self-sufficiently. They ensure that we can count on our soil as a powerful basis of life in the future.

The 2015 vintage

“We couldn’t have asked for better!” That is our short and sweet summary of the 2015 vintage in Pamhagen. The summer was quite dry, with two rain showers arriving just in time. We had therefore decided to irrigate the vines just once, to avoid problems linked to water stress. This way, the grapes were able to ripen nicely during the dry autumn season. Harvest conditions were excellent: we had no rain, the grapes were healthy with no signs of rot, and we could leisurely pick and choose our harvest days according to grape variety and vineyard site.

The acidity levels in the wines are slightly lower this vintage, but they still show an elegant structure and beautifully balanced ripeness. The reds, in particular, have an exceptionally dark colour and long finish.

Our Waldorf school

To us, the Waldorf school that we founded is a rich source and seed for the future. Its approach to education focuses on the holistic development of the child and also builds connections between the once united bilingual Austrian/Hungarian cultural landscapes of our Pannonian border region.

The school building, originally an old farmstead, also forms a connection to nature. Sheep, chickens, cats and fruit trees are very much part of the pupils’ lively school breaks.

September 2016 marks the beginning of a new chapter for us. The school, which sprouted in our cosy spot here in Pamhagen, has become too small. Due to several enquiries from the district, we decided to look for a new location and found a property in Neusiedl, near the train station. The new premises are ideally situated for public access and border directly on wide meadows and the “Schilfgürtel“– the reed belt surrounding Lake Neusiedl. The plot is large enough for a Waldorf kindergarten and a school ranging from Grades 1 to 8.