Many people claim that biodynamic certification is unnecessary or even damaging to one’s image, and that a quality-orientated operation has no need for it anyway.

At first sight, this might indeed seem logical, especially considering the current certification craze bringing one audit after another, taking the farmers out of the fields and into the office. These kinds of policies try to run a farm from an office desk with all the regulators and funding mechanisms. They plan crop rotation according to agricultural programs and not according to one’s own sensitive awareness which also takes into account the weather and soil conditions.

However, a second look at the situation tells us that we need some sort of framework, some basic security, consumer protection and, above all, the trust of our clients. Demeter not only gives us that security, but also provides us with further advancements and the openness of a community with shared values that has been developing the ideas of biodynamic work for almost 100 years. It is the only worldwide organic association whose ideas are driven by farmers but also take into account consumers and processors. It is a holistic view which unites everyone and ensures clarity.

Therefore, we appeal to all consumers to think critically when they hear the aforementioned statements and to look for the plain facts behind pretty words. We label each of our products with the Demeter seal.